Born and bred in Luxembourg, Jeff finished his secondary school studies at the local Lycée de Garçons before going on to Aberdeen University to study English and Scottish literature. Deeply imbued with an affection for anything remotely connected to Anglo-Saxon literature, he completed his three-year stint in the North East with a Scottish MA and returned to Luxembourg without a clear idea of what to do next. By a strange quirk of fate he was taken on as a teacher trainee and then against all odds became a fully-fledged teacher in the early nineties, a profession which he has carried out ever since. In 2014, he took part in the Concours littéraire national and was awarded the jury’s second prize for his historical novel about Jean de Beck, the Luxembourg general who rose to prominence in the Thirty Years’ War. This has encouraged him to continue on his path to be a writer and, in September 2016, he took a sabbatical year to have more time for two of his many passions, travelling and writing. When he doesn’t write, travel or windsurf (yet another of his passions), he tries to be a semi-decent father to a wonderful daughter.